Figure of Speech: Alliteration

Figure of Speech Alliteration

Figure of Speech Alliteration

Similar sounding word usage:

“Alliteration”, has its cause in Latin word “littera” which intends to begin with a similar letter. In writing similar sounding word usage implies event of a similar letter or sound toward the start of nearby or firmly associated words in verse or exposition.


Diminish Pounce (A character in the Novel “Joseph Andrews”)

She sells shells by the coastline. (A tongue twister)

By what method can a shellfish pack in a perfect cream can?

Would you be able to can a can as a canner can a can?

Dan’s canine pigeon somewhere down in the dam, drinking filthy water as he dove.

The store representative stood and gazed at me in daze.

Dunkin’ Donuts (Brand name)

Your monetary future will fell into a free-fall.

Dwindle Piper picked a peck of cured peppers

PayPal (Brand name)

The lion licked his lips.

The instructor took the troublemakers’ toys

Which bone must be crushed to break the camel’s spirit of your aspiration

Last giggle

Donald Duck (An animation character)

Ronald Reagan (An American Politician)

Michael Moore (An American Documentary movie producer)

Models in Literature:

“For the sky and the ocean, and the ocean and the sky

Lay like a heap on my tired eye ”

(“Rime of the Ancient Mariner” By Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

“In the event that I put it in my hitter

It will make my hitter harsh

in any case, a touch of better margarine

Will improve my player”

(Youngsters Poem “Betty Botter got some margarine”)

“borne on the casket with white and bristly whiskers”

(Shekespeare’s “The Sonnet” No. 12)

“The splinter’d speare-shafts split and fly”

(“Sir Glahad” sonnet by Alfred Lord Tennyson)

“From forward the lethal flanks of these two adversaries”

(William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet)

“Behemoth greatest conceived of earth lifted

His incomprehensibility: Fleeced the herds and bleating rose”

(“Heaven Lost” Book-VII by John Milton)

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