Go for a Drink in Greymouth

Go for a Drink in Greymouth

Go for a Drink in Greymouth

Lodgings in Greymouth New Zealand

Do you like to go for a beverage and are visiting Greymouth on the South Island’s West Coast out of the blue?

Greymouth has some decent inns where you can unwind for a beverage with companions and converse with local people who will be satisfied to enlighten you regarding their town. Perhaps the most pleasant memory you can take with you when on vacation is meeting local people, so to the extent going for a beverage, where do you start? All things considered, that all relies upon where your convenience is arranged, in the event that you are remaining close to the focal point of Greymouth, there are more alternatives for you on the off chance that you are simply utilizing open vehicle, yet regardless of whether you are driving then you would need to go to a spot close to your settlement.


This is at the southern finish of town out at Karoro. It is a serious pleasant spot and an astounding spot for a supper. On the off chance that you are stating at a Seaside occasion camp, at that point this is the closest inn.

Diversion HOTEL

This is on High Street, inverse the Swimming Pool and Recreation Center.

Association HOTEL

This is an old style sort of lodging in Herbert Street.

Thousand years HOTELS

This is Greymouth’s most upmarket lodging. It is halfway situated along Mawhera Quay.

Railroad HOTEL

Directly in the focal point of town on Mawhera Quay, the Railway, as it is frequently called, is close to the train and transport stations.


Only along from the Railway Hotel is the Speights Ale House. This isn’t an inn in any case, however I chose to include this one here in light of the fact that it is such an incredible spot for a beverage and a feast.


In Herbert Street is Monteith’s Brewery where you can take a bottling works visit and go for a beverage and a dinner there.

So there you are; an acceptable determination of bars to browse.

Greymouth is a town with a great deal of attractions and spots to visit. In the event that you are going on open vehicle from Christchurch, at that point taking the Tranzalpinetrain is the best approach; this is one of the world’s most grand rail ventures.

Shantytown merits a visit; it is a change of an old West Coast town. Here you will perceive what a regular West Coast town of years passed by resembled. It is five miles south of Greymouth, in the event that you are alone with no vehicle, at that point you could impart a taxi to other people or contract a bicycle.

Greymouth has a five star web access and you can exploit this with free web access in the open library.

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